If I don’t live my dreams,
who will?

All knowledge is accessible at the exact moment you are ready…
One continues to ask,
one continues to receive…
One continues to seek,
one continues to find…

It is not only when the comfort zone becomes way too uncomfortable,
that one has an opportunity to come into the awareness of one’s
involvement in the evolvement…

A purpose is not a “given”,
it is an intention of achievement
through an experience…


The leaves applaud as the wind blows their branches about.
They celebrate the rain that has come and gone.

The drifting clouds take shape and form
as they dance across the night sky,
glowing with sun-like colors from the light on the other side.

The Moon is humbly unseen as it orchestrates
the Earth’s tides,
slow balance, and turn,
ever-so gently cradling it’s life forms as they exist and take their part.

The frogs and crickets sing in harmony,
rejoicing the wet soils and gifts from nature.

Other life forms are resting peacefully,
soon to awaken to the gift of a new day.

And so the world turns in this vast Galaxy,
full of messages for those ready to receive.

When I am in the “NOW”,
I am in the past and the future,
right here in the present moment!


Cosmic floating energy
all around and through me…

What’s your story?
You are a part of mine…
Science-Spirituality- All connected-
from the Divine…

Do you remember? Or have we met yet?
This life?, That life?, Before life? ,After life?
Pure Love Energy Consciousness…moving with Intention to experience…

Innate desire to experience a continuum of transformation
through the experience….
Vibrational in all forms.
Will this energy become life today? Who, what? will have the first dance?

Everything-All, interacting synergistically…
Timing is everything… Free Will choice, snap!- expansion of the experience….

Infinite space for All…
All perfect- no matter what.
What? you say?

Maybe tomorrow, maybe today,
maybe possibly yesterday, here….
Maybe toyestermorrow , there…

All connected, All effected

All Divine Love Energy

For one to learn Peace within oneself,
one must learn to let go of everything else.
Practice dear one….

Universalis Po’ e’tree

Is happen-in collaboration of you
and me,
like all the twinkling’stars in the

Shinin’ and twinklin’
Expressive and free.
Sharing and daring,
The freedom to just “be”…

Or maybe more than that!
A rythym-ma-frizzle, a dazzle
ha ba rattle,tit –bit,tat tat!

A poem, a story, a laugh or two,
Is happen-in collaboration
of me & you.

It’s Raining Leaves

I stand there, leashes in hand,
loves of my life on the other ends,
the feeling of the wind on my skin.

My favorite time of day approaches,
as I see the canopy of the beautiful tree.
Wind blows…..

It’s raining leaves,
as the Sun glitters on the fluttering leaf petals,
Equinox, soon turn back clocks, Fall is here.
Evolve, evolve…
I observe my involvement in the evolvement…

I am there- in the midst of it all,
multidimensional NOW…

1st floor, going up!
There’s room for one more, or maybe four..
Do we even need the elevator?
I didn’t think so…

Can you feel me?
I feel you from right here,
on the other side of the world.

The Traveler

The true traveler cares not what
dimension – Did I mention?
Travels while dreaming (day or night)
Travels awake,
no matter what’s at stake!

How about before and after..
What? you ask- When? you ask..
Over here, over there,
How about now, how about then –
ALL ABOARD, the train’s on time!

Edgar says : We invented time to keep everything
from happening at once!

Once, twice, thrice – SOLD!
to the traveler ready to go…

Racecar on the street,
Skiis on the snow-
Walking in nature,
Nice and slow…

Out of body- Outta sight..
Under water-drifting slowly-breathing through gills
at the speed of Light…

Galactic travel,
Whatever the pleasure,

Pick an age or how about a life –
My mother today, was once my wife-

In a dream, I see what I don’t remember,
or is it what I not yet know?

The unsolved mysteries of
The Traveler-
Yes please,
May I have another?

Creating Memory

The birds are swooping and looping &
drifting through the air, appearing to defy gravity…
I watch in amazement as one foot of
my mind is standing in the earth plane,
and the other is adrift in the Galactic realm…
Energetically Universal, sitting in the sand,
watching the tide, feeling the moon.
Morphic resonance, thinking of you, the phone rings.. It’s true!
Akashic memory, an evolutionary, multidimensional conglomerate of
Necessary, real, profound….
Often misunderstood, yet only until the understanding is available…
Universal knowledge- obtained through the multifaceted experience…
physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, metaphysically, consciously,
DNA memory continues effortlessly, until the seeker intervenes….
How can one know,
until one ventures into the unknown….


I looked behind me,
and all I could see were memories…

I looked ahead of me,
and it was too far to see…

I looked around me,
and saw

We are all fine tuning…
with each experience…
on the path of the Understanding of our
human*Spirit*Divine Love*connection…

Together we are one,
We are one together…

Time is an inspiration,
an invisible organizer
of multiple dimensions!

One cannot see into the future,
one can see into the

Believing is Seeing
Understanding is Knowing…

I want to live in the perception
I wish to see the world live in.

How can one know,
until one ventures into the unknown?