Appointments available Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.(start time)
* Some exceptions for evenings and weekends for special needs.

* Whether you are scheduling an Akashic Record Consultation or a Universal Intuitive Reading, all sessions are as effective & profound on the phone as they are in person.

* Please understand that there may be a wait period of a few days/weeks, depending on my schedule at the present time, so it is best to inquire today if you are interested in scheduling an appointment.

* I am also available at various events each month. Please feel free to check out my Events page.

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* If you need to cancel an appointment, please give at least 24-48 hr notice to give someone else an opportunity to take that appointment. I can reschedule you, as well as put you on the cancellation list, whichever comes first.

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Akashic Record Consultations
30 min. $60
45 min. $90
60 min. $120
75 min. $150
Universal Intuitive Services
15 min. $30
30 min. $60
45 min. $90
60 min. $120



* Phone session recordings sent via email or Google Drive are available for an additional $5. Please request during scheduling.

*Please understand that recordings are not guaranteed,and that taking notes is highly recommended.

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* Credit cards and checks accepted

Here are some notes on preparing for your Akashic Record Consultation.
The Permission Form also has some helpful information.

There is vast Information and many levels & ways to assist one in the Akashic Records. The Information coming forth from the questions asked, are relating to what is best for your soul’s evolution and not necessarily your personality. It is best to make a prioritized list of questions ahead of time from which you seek Insight, Clarity & Guidance…

Also, it is beneficial that your questions relate to issues and ideas that you are dealing with at the present time & have “been on your mind”.

Questions beginning with How, Why and What are also beneficial, rather than yes or no questions. After you have created your list, it may be helpful to take another look at your questions, and from another view, look deeper for the possible “question within the question” with each one…

This process may assist in bringing you closer to the core of what you are really wanting to ask and maximizing your time with the Masters Teachers and Loved Ones. Whatever questions come forward, the Masters Teachers and Loved Ones will Lovingly provide the Information that you are ready for and I will be facilitating the Consultation.

You may record the Consultation if you like, however, I do advise taking notes so it will be easy to review certain areas of Information. Allow plenty of time time for your Consultation. This is a sacred time; you want to give it ample space. Try to ensure that there are no outside interruptions. This is an energetic experience, therefore, I recommend giving oneself some time after the Consultation to assist in the integration of the Information and energetic shift.

It is a very loving and safe vibration, and the Information that comes forth, will bring much Insight, Clarity and Guidance in areas of your concern and otherwise.

No alcohol or recreational drugs are allowed 24 hours before your Consultation. This will optimize your ability to receive the Information and maximize a clear translation.

If you have any further questions on preparing for your Consultation, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to facilitating your Consultation!

Your Akashic Record Consultation will be facilitated by opening your records with a Sacred Prayer. It will be directed by your questions and the unfolding dialogue, as the information from this profound dimension is intended to come forth to support, guide and harmonize you with your soul’s desires at this time. Details about your past may or may not come forward depending on its relevance to your present situation. The Masters and Teachers are here to help you work through patterns that hold you back from experiencing your full potential growth and direction. Also questions in reference to the future will be discussed as probabilities and potentialities. This process is not for the purpose of “predicting” the future but only for guiding us more harmoniously with the unfolding future. We are in partnership with this guidance and this process allows for our free will to still operate.

Our intention is to work with the Light of Unconditional Love and Highest Good for all concerned. My commitment to you is my preparation and openness to say what comes directly to me from the Masters and Teachers and to be clear of my own interpretations. I am guided by your questions, intentions and comments so it is important that you be prepared to be open about possibilities, potentialities and desires in your current life and where you may like greater clarity. All is presented to assist you in a shift of consciousness and energy patterns.

If you choose to share this information and experience with others you will need to be responsible for how they may receive its interpretation as it will not be coming directly from the Masters and Teachers. There is potential for misunderstanding information thereby causing you to shift out of its pure state.

All information that I will be relaying to you is held in confidentiality and no matter what I report to you from the Masters and Teachers you are the ultimate authority in your own life. Please take a moment and pause to consider the impact and power of this session as the Divine is allowing adjustments at your Soul level. This is allowed through the Law of Grace and your free will for healing, change and choice. You will feel the impact of this for days and possibly months ahead.

Please fill out the form below with your legal name and permission to open your Akashic Records.

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