I have never before had such a profound experience that has so deeply touched my life. I was very ready to take this step and once Mia opened my records, the information waiting for me was life-changing. Through the loving guidance of the Masters and Teachers’ explanations coming forth through Mia, my questions were answered in meaningful detail. For example, I am now able to see my family conflicts through new eyes based on history I was unaware of. Now, going forward with this information, (which is only ONE piece of all the many insights that were shared) I’ve been facing old issues with new compassion. As a result, Peace has replaced my worry quite immediately, and my life has already started down the path I’ve been hoping for. Thank you Mia Loweree for all your grace and awareness, I so appreciate you! Much Love,
- Kara Morrison
Mia, can I say wow! You’re truly a gifted light worker and I appreciate you so much.
- Tara Tetreault
I am writing to express my sincere and heart felt gratitude to Mia for her gifts.  Though I am often skeptical, and initially only requested a 15 minute session, almost immediately I found that what she was accessing regarding knowledge about me and my soul could only have come from someone who had a true gift to access the Akashic records and receive information from my guides.  It really impacted me and in the end I chose to work with her for more than an hour as the information was very important to me and very relevant, though I had not mentioned any of the issues that she brought forward and which are extremely relevant to me.  She is also highly intuitive and has offered me much guidance since our first meeting and I am very grateful to her.
Thank you Mia for your gift and following your truth. 
- Kami
Thank you Mia! Your consultation was extremely insightful & helpful for me. You are very gifted, and especially in your delivery as well. I am so grateful!
- Sally Garrett
I scheduled an Akashic Consultation with Mia because I wanted to gain insights or new perspectives regarding my career and purpose. However, I walked away with so much more! Mia has an amazing ability to connect. Her gentle nature is not only comforting, but very confident and wise. She made sure all my questions were addressed and if I was unsure of the messages, she went deeper with patience and love. I gained incredible insights and even days afterwards I could feel I was still making shifts from our consultation together. I highly recommend a consultation with Mia! She is remarkable!
- Kellie
I had been connecting to something that was very deep within and could not put my finger on exactly what my struggle was. I was seeking outside help and I connected with my dear friend Mia. I decided to get an Akashic record reading with her. The minute Mia opened my records, via the Masters and teachers all was revealed to me starting from me being a little girl to my current situation…. this authenticated her abilities to me right away. What I had been contemplating for years was gently laid out before me . Mia so Beautifully, Gently and Gracefully held a safe place for this transmission to happen. I have known Mia for years and her intuitive abilities are abundantly flowing and on fire right now! What a beautiful gift she shares with all of us, helping us heal. She /the Master’s and Teachers have helped me immensely on my soul Journey reigniting my perspective and fervor for life! I look forward to working with her again soon and highly recommend her to my friends!! peace and love
- Shay FitzGerrell
“Mia Loweree is an amazing and credible Akashic Records Reader. She has the uncanny ability to access hidden information within my Akashic Records, and present it in an empowering manner. I wholeheartedly recommend her skills to anyone on a spiritual journey.”
- Peter M. McCarthy , Certified Traditional Naturopath
Mia is an exceptional gifted intuitive healer with a genuinely compassionate heart. Her words flow through her gentle voice from a realm of wisdom. She creates a safe peaceful environment that allows great depth for healing on many levels. Thank you for your presence and insights…..
- Susan
My Akashic Consultation with Mia was transformational – and yet very down to earth and conversational. The Masters and Teachers loved me like their child and I felt so supported and held by them and Mia. Issues I’ve been struggling with for years suddenly became quite simple and blocked energy surrounding many different life decisions began to shift immediately. Things are still shifting! My intuition is stronger and clearer. I feel more grounded and trusting of myself. Mia’s guidance through this process was so loving and gentle. Her energy exudes compassion, loving humor, and continued wonderment and gratitude for her role in supporting her clients.
- Julie B.
My gratitude bubbles over!!!! What a loving and amazing experience! Dearest Mia, you were wonderfully and perfectly chosen by God/Goddess/Masters/Teachers. Your caring work with me and my records has already beautifully influenced the clients that entrust me with their care. What an amazing blessing that continually pays itself forward. Infinite thanks to you and Spirit.
Melissa K.
- Melissa Kleen, LMT Myofascial Release and Reiki Energy Healing
Dear Mia,
Thank you for sharing your gift of your sacred access to the Akashic Records on my behalf. I am moved and grateful for the encouragement and perspective on problems and challenges. I feel freed up to be able to move in my life in a way that I haven’t been able to for quite some time. The way you express in the Records is uplifting and clear. I find myself reflecting on both the words and the feelings from our consultation. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to doing this again with you in my future. This added clarity is so helpful. Many thanks.
- Enthusiastically, Myla Rosebaugh